To get desired results, drink half your body weight in ounces of Kangen Water® per day. Example: if you weigh 150 lbs, you will want to drink 75 oz (just over half a gallon – 2.2 litres) of Kangen Water® every day.

If you are involved in physically demanding work, if you exercise strenuously, or if you have health issues, you need Heart-Healthy-Lifestyleto drink a lot more Kangen Water®. For those with serious health challenges or those who have hit a plateau in their healing process, drinking one ounce of Kangen Water® per pound of body weight per day is where the miracles happen according to Dr. David Carpenter.

The best time to drink Kangen Water® has proven to be upon waking. After 6-8 hours of rest, your body needs water to aid hydration. Water first thing in the morning will hydrate your digestive system and cleanse organs before you eat breakfast; if you drink a glass of Kangen Water® when you get up, the water will have moved out of your stomach before you eat. Your body is “cleaning” and “repairing” while you are resting. A good quart (liter) of Kangen Water® first thing in the morning helps clean out all the toxins your body is ready to discard, before they can be reabsorbed and your body has work to get rid of them again.