Healing Waters


In 1858, St. Bernadette, a 14-year-old peasant girl, in Lourdes, France had a vision from the Blessed Virgin Mary, who told her that if people drank, bathed and prayed in a nearby stream, many people would find a cure.

Enagic pioneered the field of Electrolysis (Ionization) technology as a means to mimic these healing waters. Certain specific locations throughout the world are known to have particularly amazing water. Noredenau, Germany, Lourdes, France, Tlacote, Mexico and the Hunza region of the Himalayas are all famous for having magical healing waters.

Dr. [Kim Young] Kwi provides insight into the waters of Lourdes, France, a popular destination for those seeking miraculous cures. Samples of the water were analyzed, and compared to ordinary water by Japanese doctor, Sira Hata Nakasone. The Lourdes water was found to have a higher concentration of activated hydrogen than regular water, which may be responsible for restoring health to cells damaged by oxidation.

You can now have these healing waters right in your own home!