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Why I drink Kangen water

I first have to point out that I am not a physician and I do not work in the medical profession.

I have been researching medical issues since 2011.  The journey began when our 19 year old son, Adam, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I was faced with the current “recommended” treatment of letting his mania exist while treating the symptoms.  I just wasn’t convinced that there was no cure!

Click here if you would like to read Adam’s Story and how we cured him in 4 months to a point where he no longer suffers from mental illness.

Unfortunately, as soon as Adam was better, my wife Christine started experiencing pain and stiffness around her joints. Probably brought on by all the stress of dealing with a mentally ill son.

Click here if you would like to read Christine’s Story and how she is beginning to feel relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

As for Me, I’ve always had excellent health.  I have noticed that I am not getting my annual cough and cold this year.  I enjoy drinking the Kangen water because it gives me a sense of health insurance.  After seeing the effects on my wife and son, I’d be foolish not to drink it.  I also believe that God has gifted us with bodies and brains, that given the proper nutrients and minerals, will heal themselves.  Just like getting a cut on your finger, Your body immediately sends a response to mend it.

After reading all the research, I believe the Kangen water fights off pathogens with it’s anti-oxidant properties, corrects the PH balance and allows our bodies an environment  to heal themselves.  Thanks for reading.


  • April 10, 2015

    My good friend Ania was telling me on Wednesday that her mother was taken to the hospital the other day for an eye problem.  An appointment was set up with an ophthalmologist and the ophthalmologist confirmed that she had “Pink Eye” and there was nothing they could do about it, so she was sent home.  Apparently the drops that doctors sometimes prescribe for pink eye are for the very small percentage (5-10%) of bacterial pink eye.  The majority of cases (85-95%) are a viral infection and there is no known treatment.

    Yesterday I delivered some 2.5 acidic water to Ania’s place and told her to have her mother close her eyes and spray this in the infected area 3 – 4 times a day.

    Ania called today and was so excited that her mother’s pink eye was gone. She couldn’t believe it would disappear so quickly overnight. Her only regret was that she didn’t take pictures.  It’s such a wonderful thing when you can help to relieve someone’s pain and suffering. – Kevin

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