Problems with Soda Pop

I’ve listed some of the problems with drinking Soda.   Besides the weight gain that’s built into each and every can or bottle, the acidic level on your body is incredible.



It’s important to note that on the pH scale, each number represents a tenfold difference from adjacent numbers; in other words, a liquid that has a pH of 6 is ten times more acidic than a liquid that has a pH of 7, and a liquid with a pH of 5 is one hundred times more acidic than pure water. Most carbonated soft drinks (pop) have a pH of about 3, making them about ten thousand times more acidic than pure water. Please remember this the next time you think about drinking a can of pop.

Here’s a video showing what happens to your blood 10 minutes after drinking a Soda

Study – Links of Pancreatic Cancer to Soda – YouTube Video (1 Minute)

What Soda Does to Your Body – Medical Course