Using 2.5pH as Mouthwash or For Cold Sores, Canker Sores, and Eye Sties

Strong Acidic Water works as a mouthwash and gargle to kill bacteria in the mouth and throat that cause dentalGargle infections, sore throat (strep throat), bad breath, and cavities. Brush teeth and gargle for 1 minute to kill the bacteria that causes gingivitis. 2.5pH water can be used to disinfect toothbrushes. It also provides a gentle, safe bleaching of the teeth. (Rinse your mouth with neutral or alkaline water when you are finished.) People have been known to eliminate strep throat within hours by using pH 2.5 acid water in the throat.

2.5pH water eliminates cold sores, canker sores, and eye sties. It has been used for pink eye and the condition was eliminated within hours. It was used for a parasitic eye infection that had resisted antibiotic and other conventional treatments for three years, three days of pH 2.5 acid water and the parasitic eye infection was gone. A gentleman got a chemical in his eye at work that caused pain and blurred his eyesight to the point where he was unable to see. He was in this condition for a week under medical treatment with no relief. When pH 2.5 acid water was sprayed in his eye the pain and blurriness were gone 30 minutes later” – (Dr Carpenter).