What is 2.5pH Strong Acidic Water?

pH 2.5 water has a distinct chlorine like smell. Do not be alarmed, there is no chlorine bleach per se in the pH 2.5 acid water. It is sometimes referred to as hypochlorous acid water and has very special properties as described in the following pages.

Enagic’s electrolyse solution is used only for making 11.5pH and 2.5pH waters and are not for drinking. No other ENHANCERionizer produces 11.5 and 2.5pH water that Enagic’s medical devices produces, no matter what they claim. These waters are very powerful cleaning, disinfecting and therapeutic solutions.

Enagic’s electrolysis solution is the same as common saline drops for your eye which also says do not drink.


  • Processed water
  • Sodium chloride
  • Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium chloride, also known as common salt, table salt, or halite, is an ionic compound with the formula NaCl. Sodium chloride is salt, most responsible for the salinity of our oceans and of the extracellular fluid of many multicellular organisms. As the major ingredient in edible salt, it is commonly used as a condiment and food preservative.

Sodium Hypochlorite

This is a stablizer that prevents bacteria from growing in salt water. You will also find it in eye solutions.

There is more Sodium Hypochlorite in your tap water or bottled water than in Enagic’s electrolysis solution.

2.5 pH Strong Acidic Water has very potent anti-microbial properties. It has an oxidation/reduction potential (ORP) of greater than +1,100mV. While the alkaline portion of the water gains electrons, the acidic portion loses electrons. This creates a solution with a highly positive ORP measurement, becoming a free radical water far greater than conventional tap water. Remember the function of free radicals in your body, is to strip electrons from other molecules: they are capable of rapidly destroying bacteria, fungus, and viral pathogens. Strong acidic water is aJapanHospitalproven anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and antifungal for use on skin, foods, plants, countertops, etc. In Japan it has been used as a disinfectant in hospitals and restaurants for many years.

Strong Acid Water was approved for use disinfecting food products in the United States in June 2002, in accordance with food hygiene law, under the name hypochlorous acid water.