What is Beauty Water?

young woman spraying on face for skin care Enagic’s beauty Water is mildly acidic water with a pH 6.0 that is made by pushing the yellow button on unit. Beauty water is dispensed from the top flexible hose. Alternately, it can be collected while making alkaline Kangen drinking water; when you push the blue Kangen Water® button and the alkaline drinking water is coming out of the top flexible hose, you can collect Beauty Water from the grey secondary hose that runs from the bottom part of the unit). Beauty water can be used frequently as a spray throughout your day, frequently used for best results. While internally your body is healthiest if it is alkaline, your skin pH is ideally around pH 6.0. Beauty Water makes your skin feel soft and moisturised like you have used lotions or oils; it makes your skin feel hydrated. conditionerWhen used instead of a conditioner after shampoo, it tightens your scalp, reduces tangles and brings a radiant shine to your hair. In fact, many users report significant hair re-growth.

Beauty Water is astringent and oxidative, making it beneficial for the overall health and beauty of your skin and hair. The results of using it are similar to those of expensive toners from exclusive department stores and beauty salons. It tightens, softens, and provides an environment for healing which is excellent for many common skin conditions.

beautywaterFor some users, Beauty Water has eliminated a vast spectrum of facial blemishes.

Warning: We strongly advise for you not to run hot water through the unit; if you do so, the unit will issue a warning.

Should you require warm Beauty Water, we recommend slowly heating it on a stove/cooker to the desired safe temperature. Collect in a bowl or in a spray bottle and massage or spray over your body after a bath or shower. Your skin can feel tight and dry after showering; using Beauty Water in this way leaves your skin hydrated and feeling like you have used lotion. It also closes all your pores. For men, it’s great to use as a toner after shaving – leaving your skin soft and feeling good.

Mix Beauty Water with essential oils, spray on skin to hydrate, reduce lines & wrinkles, even skin tone and produce younger, healthier skin. Spray it on, splash it on, soak in it, get it on your skin when you want to have the best looking skin around!

Other uses of Beauty Water:

Add it to your bath water to keep the tub free of rings as it warms the body and keeps your skin beautiful!

Use it for cleaning eyeglasses, mirrors, glass objects, knife sharpeners – it leaves no streaks or residue! Groom pets with it– it makes their fur soft and shiny.

Beauty Water can be used to treat:medical-symbol

RXEczema • Psoriasis • Acne • Athletes foot • Nail fungus • Insect bites/stings • Rashes (also relief from the itching of measles and chicken pox) • Sun burn • Cold sores/Canker sores • Nappy rash • Dry skin • Burns • Minor cuts and scrapes